Dirt Fill

Fill Dirt is commonly used when an area needs to be built up or a hole or depression of some type needs to be filled in. Dirt Fill generally does not contain much organic matter or plant-friendly nutrients and therefore is usually not used in gardening situations. Black Dirt and other mulch type fills are more common for those applications. Dirt Fill is often obtained from excavation on construction sites and is an inexpensive way to level an area before to paving or as a base layer which is then covered with topsoil or black dirt. Active Bobcat Services can deliver Dirt Fill for your project, or haul it away from your construction site. We serve McHenry County and almost all of North East Illinois and South East Wisconsin. Give us a call!

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McHenry Fill Dirt Delivery Services

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Quick, professional hauling and delivery service for all kinds of dirt fill, sand, stone, driveway gravel types, black dirt, top soil and more including: torpedo and mason sand, pulverized dirt, shredded dirt, double screen dirt, different grades of crushed stone, recycled concrete, rock and gravel. Lay a pea gravel path, put in a stone patio. Put down gravel paving or a crushed asphalt driveway. We can deliver all kinds of material for you.

Haulaway Trash and Construction Debris in McHenry, IL and WI

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Have unwanted trash, dirt or construction material you need to dispose of? We can haulaway trash, dirt, soil, concrete, stone, asphalt, fill and many other things, just contact us about what you need to get rid of and we would be happy to let you know if we can take care of it for you and provide a free estimate.