Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Human beings are visual creatures and the subspecies of humans known as the home buyer is no exception. How a home looks on the outside can have a profound impact on its appeal to potential buyers, and home sellers would do well to invest in a little bit of landscaping before putting their homes on the market. No matter how beautiful the interior of the home may be, a shabby exterior will turn off many buyers. Worse yet, many would be buyers will not even bother to tour a home they find visually unappealing.
With all this at stake it is more important than ever to spruce up the exterior of your home before you even think about selling it. Curb appeal is an important factor even when the real estate market is thriving, but when times are tough it can be all but impossible to sell a home that looks unappealing from the curb. A few simple landscaping improvements can greatly enhance the value of the home, making sprucing up the exterior of the home one of the best investments you can make as a home seller.
Some of the most important landscaping improvements homeowners can make include:
Keep the lawn mowed and well trimmed. Home sellers may want to trim their lawns a bit shorter than usual for a neat and uniform appearance. Just be sure not to damage the grass by trimming it too short.
Keep weeds at bay. Following a sensible weed control strategy can help the lawn and the exterior of the home look its best no matter what the season.. Be sure to check regularly for weeds, not only in flower gardens and edgings but in the rest of the landscape as well.
Make sure fallen leaves are raked up and removed promptly. The autumn season brings many wonders – and many chores. Among those autumn chores is raking up those leaves, and this job is even more important when the home is for sale. Be sure to check for accumulated leaves on a regular basis and remove them as quickly as possible.
Make sure that the areas around the driveway, flagpole, mailbox and other high profile areas are well maintained and attractive to the eye. Something as simple as placing a planter full of colorful flowers next to the mailbox can do wonders for curb appeal. The same is true for edging the driveway with colorful plants or attractive flowering shrubs.
A useful tool to help calculate how much material you may need with landscaping is our cubic yard calculator
Installing solar accent lights is a great and cost effective way to improve the nighttime look of the home. Placing a row of these solar lights along the walkway to the front door or along the driveway can greatly enhance curb appeal.
Keep those trees, bushes and shrubs neat and well trimmed. Left to their own devices those plants can quickly become overgrown and unattractive, so take the time to trim them back and keep them looking neat and tidy.

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